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JN -032020-50668

  • GI Hospital coverage needed
  • Hospital Service:
  • **Friday - Thursday**
  • **Call can be Thurs, Sat, Wed or  Fri, Sun, Tues from 5pm - 7am (Always 3 nights of call when on the hospital service)
  • There is a GI Nurse who takes call for office patients. (Available to answer prep questions - direct patients accordingly)
  • All hospital / physician calls go directly to the provider on call.  Non urgent referrals or calls regarding diagnostic findings that are not urgent go directly to the on call rounder phone and are addressed the following morning.
  • Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm a rounding nurse is on site to assist the hospital physicians with starting inpatient notes, entering orders and scheduling inpatient procedures
  • Saturday - Sunday: 6am - 12noon a rounding nurse is on site to assist as above.

  • Typical Hospital Day:
  • Physician start time (7-7:30am) Rounds and hold over consults. Physician arrives and presents to the Nurse Rounder Room. Nurse will have a list of patients prepared that the physician will need to round on. (List contains an average of 10 patients). Discuss overnight call, Nurse will have a list of hold over consultations that need to be seen. Rounds/ consults can take 2-4 hours. 
  • Number of inpatient procedures: 3-5 per day
  • 12:30pm - 3pm Reserved Anesthesia in the Endoscopy Lab for Inpatient procedures. (Longer if needed - till 5pm)
  • Additional consults are seen throughout the day,
  • .Saturday/Sunday: If on call - responsible for all new consultations / any inpatient urgent procedures (w/ Endo call team)
  • If not on call: Rounds/ add on urgent inpatient procedures (w/ Endo call team) - leave when done. (usually 4 hour day)

  • Rounding            Average 10-15 patients per day
  • Age of patients -              18+ Adult practice only
  • Average Number of Admissions per shift -            Do not admit - Hospitalist admit. Consults: 3-6 per doc/per day
  • What is the Number of phone Consults Varies … on average 3-5


  • 3/13-3/19

  • 3/27-4/2
  • 4/10-16
  • 4/17-23
  • 4/24-30
  • 5/8-14
  • 5/15-21

  • 6/5-11
  • 6/12-18
  • 6/19-25
  • 6/26-7/2

  • Credentialing takes 30-60 days
  • MUST HAVE IN LICENSE - NO temp IN licenses accepted

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