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Mobile Automation Engineer
JN -062018-48669

Quest Group is a specialized Salesforce Staffing Firm, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We share a passion for improving the world by connecting Salesforce professionals with meaningful Salesforce opportunities. This means we are passionate about partnering with you to enhance your Salesforce career and opportunities, at all levels. To do so, we partner with reputable companies nationwide to present you with contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent employment opportunities. One of these opportunities is described below:


1. Automation experience with iOS and Android

2. Strong experience with Perfecto Mobile (this is the most important requirement)

3. Automation experience with Java/Selenium and Appium, experience building an automation framework from scratch

4. They need to be extremely strong technically, almost like an architect

5. Excellent communication and comprehension skills (Extremely important)


Job Description:

This person will conduct a performance benchmark for the top 8 weather-related mobile applications. Services include the creation of a mobile test automation framework using Appium, Selenium and Perfecto Mobile. Scripting will support the “Outside of weather application alert validation” test scenario for the top 8 weather-related mobile applications listed above across both iOS and Android platforms.

Outside of weather application alert validation scenarios include:

  • Fresh app install
  • Disable location services
  • Add location via zip code
  • Close the application
  • Navigate to the alerts swipe down screen
  • Wait for alert to pop up
  • Validate alert message
  • Capture time of alert notification for comparison
  • Uninstall app


  • 8 – Android devices – Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9
  • 8 – iOS devices – Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone X

Mobile automation platform requirements

  • Testing on real iOS and Android devices
  • Execution on multiple devices to achieve parallel testing
  • Time recording and reporting for alerts
  • Video recording of test executions

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